The Cottage Garden Anarchist (jscottharris) wrote,
The Cottage Garden Anarchist

that and the weather

Robert Smith of The Cure is 50 years old today. [shakesville via Towleroad] That makes me feel a little better. I think.

Aaanyway, cold and wet continues tomorrow, but more pleasant weather is coming this week-end. Temps in the 80's in town which bodes high 70's up here. I went out in the rain to stomp some flower seed into the mud. A forward looking gesture as it was mostly perennial seed that won't really show anything for a year or three.

The kitchen and foyer floor tiling should conclude this week-end. The guys-got-in can only work Saturdays and Sundays. Fortunately, they have been quite spry. I have just been ignoring the jumble of furniture, cabinets, and appliances in the living room upstairs.

remodel clutter

iPhone image.
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