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jscottharris's Journal

The Cottage Garden Anarchist
Doomed, defiant, undefeated.

Do I just keep writing until you remember me?

To whom much is given, much is expected.

They said you couldn't get here from there.
I reckon They were lying.
Quelle surprise.

Air Force Brat
West Virginia
South Carolina
South Dakota
Hilton Head

Like to hang with people who make me
want to be a better person.

If I added you as an LJ Friend it means
I think you write in an interesting way.

Can't breathe north
of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Cartier tastes on a K-Mart income.

Attended WVU. Twice.
Realized they didn't have
a degree program for what
I was majoring in.
But they should.

I still love everyone who ever broke
my heart - and they still love me.

IM me if you like. I live in the country.
I like the chance for some conversation.
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